Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cyclops talks Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions

I was really excited for Shattered Dimensions when I first saw the trailer, Of course they would have Amazing Spider-man, and Noir seemed like a really different take with a totally different aesthetic and play style.
Then they revealed the other two dimensions and they were disappointing. 2099 looks different, looks like Spider-man on Cybertron, but it looks like it plays the same for the most part, with added falling segments (ever since James Bond Everything or nothing, the falling segments have been getting popular). And Ultimate Spider-man... really? In video game form he's functionally identical to Amazing spider-man, so they gave him a black suit... which amazing spider-man had and wore for way longer than ultimate spider-man ever did.
I think they dropped the ball on the possibilities for making four totally different spider-mans with different play styles and experiences. I would like to see 1602 Spider-man, Zombie Spider-man or AraƱa.

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Jun said...

so did they end up having 1602 spidey as unlockable? but he didnt have his own universe in the game?