Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Too Long!

It's been too long since I posted, so I decided to take the pressure off by doing a non-video post. Also I've been playing BattleField Bad Company 2 for too long ! It's soooo good! I've been playing it since April and I can't get enough! It offers so much varietyin gameplay strategies that no two games are ever the same. I've long since unlocked all of the weapons and upgrades, but I'm now working at getting medals. The medals aren't just grind bait, it offers incentives to try out different gameplay styles. If it weren't for the medals, I would have never touched the bolt action sniper rifles, but now the M95 is one of my favorite weapons. If it weren't for Rush mode, I would have stayed away from the pump action shotguns, but they allow me to play as close combat recon or C-4 equipped assault. All of this leads me to be a much more versatile team player. Now when the chips are down and our team is being hammered, I think: What tactic will get around the enemies defenses? Where are they not paying attention and what class will allow me to exploit that?
I really can't understand why people would pass this up to play Modern Warfare 2.
If you don't have Bad Company 2, now you can get the new version that packs in all of the expansion packs as well as Battlefield 1943.
I'm looking forward to the Vietnam DLC in winter.

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