Wednesday, July 20, 2011

3-D scoping?

The collision of FPS and 3D TVs creates an odd reality concession: 3D scoping. In modern FPS we're used to being able to scope in. Originally with sniper rifles, but now many popular games like Battlefield and Call of Duty offer ACOG scopes and red dot sights as add ons to most primary weapons. This is all fine when we're watching in 2D, but people don't look through scopes with 2 eyes, thus we don't see through scopes in 3D. I understand that it's the easiest thing to do, to treat 3D the same as it has been in 2D, but it feels a little strange to have depth applied in a scope.

Most people don't have any problem with this, I don't really mind, but I think this is an interesting opportunity. Why not split scoped vision and normal view between the two eyes. This would be optional, but in the menu you can choose to make your right or left eye dominant. When you're scoped, the right eye will receive the scoped vision and left eye will continue to see a normal view, thus allowing you to snipe, but also keep an eye on your immediate surroundings. If you need to concentrate you can close your left eye as a normal sniper would. Think about it, it would be kind of awesome!!

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