Tuesday, April 29, 2008

GTAIV Launch! YAO!

I don't know where to begin! As you can see from my last post I was watching some G4 special event coverage last night when I was whisked away by G-friends parents to red robin for dinner. Then I took aforementioned G-friend to Yogurt Oasis which is our new dessert destination. 9:15 I roll up to gamestop and BAM! No line. The employees are setting up BBQ. Soon enough a line starts materializing (behind me) I met some really nice people, friend paul showed up. We just stood around being cold, eating burgers and having a generally good time waiting ecstatically for what IGN called the best game since Ocarina of time. We traded gaming stories, talked about the good and the bad and what we were looking forward to, it was fun, I just love gathering with like minded people, especially when they're strangers turned friends. The low point of the evening was creepy Red Bull girls coming and flirting gratuitously while giving out free Red Bull. It's just really uncomfortable that they hire girls to use themselves to sell a product. They were asking these leading questions that were meant to make us perform for them. One guy had another brand of energy drink and they asked him "What can I do to make you pour that out and drink Red Bull." That just grossed me out. Paul summed it up best "How much does Red Bull pay you hourly to act like you're our friends." Anyway that was just gross and they left and it was great. I took some pictures. The line was like 50 people at least. Traded PSN IDs and then suddenly they let 6 of us in, and I got my special edition.

The gun is neither part of the special edition nor real.

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